Mistoklis is Rescued from Greece!

See the story of our rescue of Mistoklis through the KAZ shelter in Greece during our May Humanitourism™ trip here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=127735200578303 He is currently in a foster home and we need help with donations for his food,…Read More

Let's Make A Difference!

Wow, we've got over 1,200 members now! Here's how we can make a real difference. We've got some great opportunities in Greece coming up but we need your help. Consider any of the following ways to help: - Join us for a full Humanitourism™ adventure in…Read More

More Innocent dogs and Cats Poisoned in Greece - Please Write

More than 20 dogs and cats were the victims of poisoning last Thursday night in Arachova, Greece. Please write to protest politely and ask that this incident be investigated and the culprit punished. Georgios-Leontios Andreou, email address:…Read More

Donation Link Set up for Ioannina Puppies

We have set up a donation link on our website. If you can't join us for the trip, please consider donating toward the cost of printing the educational materials we will be distributing there. http://www.theinsideandout.com/donate.html You can also read about…Read More

You Can Change the Fate of Dogs in Greece - Please Help

Help stop this. Two puppies in Ioannina Greece were found beaten with wood on March 6. The perpetrator is said to be one of the night watchmen at the local hospital and because of the screams of the puppies and the proximity to some of the hospital wards, the…Read More

Action Needed by Sun 11/29

Some of you may have already received this from another source, but it is important enough to put out there. From Achaic Animal Society in Greece: hi to all, last week the greek animal welfare society "STRAY" managed to convince the judge and confiscate…Read More


We are forwarding this on behalf of Marjorie and GAR. Dear Friends, Greek Animal Rescue are launching an urgent appeal to raise funds for the Corfu Dog Shelter. Marjorie Pandi from the shelter has for many years rescued and re-homed some of the island's…Read More
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