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The Reality

Every day millions of cats and dogs are killed in horrific ways for the sole purpose of financial profit They are raised in farms and bred to be simply killed for money.
First they are carried in tiny cages usually on the back of a lorry or truck on jungle roads sometimes so many in one they die of suffucation, these are the lucky ones.They are transported on hundreds of kilometers sometimes without food or water. When they arrive the cages are thrown from the truck or kicked down to the floor.This is done to hurt a maximum the animal and to scare them,the animals are so frightened they don't even fight back . They wait in silence for what is coming as it all happens in front of there eyes. The cats are hanged on hooks and skinned alive for their fur then thrown in a corner where they just pile up on top of each other alive to have an agonizing death or to end up in a plate. For the dogs it's the same process to the exception they hare smashed to the ground many times until their spine is broken then hanged on hooks alive.
There are many other processes used to skin the animals but all done while they are alive.
We have to put a stop to this disgusting and inhuman trade, cats and dogs are domestic animals that feel and understand pain.
Every signature counts, it is our duty to put an end to this sinister trade.

Please feel free to look at the videos and links I posted on the site. (Very hard to watch)

Please join my cause ‘’ Stop the Eating and Skinning of live Cats and Dogs in China’’ and invite as many friends as you can, every signature counts.

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Ali-Reza Mowafaghian

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