Stop the Eating and Skinning of Live Cats and Dogs in China

Join the Cause and please send as many invites as possible, it will only take a few minutes of your time which is nothing compared to the pain endure on a daily base.

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Hello everyone, Please do not insult chinese people as they are not all guilty of these actions. I visited a few cities in china in 2007 and realized there is only a small percentage of the people who are involved in the profiting from the fur or food…Read More

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Hello to all members, Today is my B-Day and even though it is not polite i will ask one gift for a good cause. Please take a few minutes to send invitations to all your friends and ask them to do so. We need to grow faster, we need much more…Read More

Hello to all members

Just a message to ask each of you to take 2 minutes from your day to send invitations to all your friends to sign up. Please remember each day millions of animals are killed in horrific ways so take just a few minutes for something positive. Thank you

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A little correction the number of members to reach is 5.000.000

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Thank you for joining this fight to stop this barbaric trade. Please take a few minutes to read this little summary and watch the videos on the media board. It is hard to watch but don't choose the easy solution not to do so. I think you should watch as…Read More

Welcome to all new members please read this text

The Reality Every day millions of cats and dogs are killed in horrific ways for the sole purpose of financial profit They are raised in farms and bred to be simply killed for money. First they are carried in tiny cages usually on the back of a lorry or truck…Read More
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