Equipping Men & Women with Biblical Skills for a Lifetime of Ministry

Students that attend KI are taking a year out of their lives to study the Bible. From September through April, college graduates come to Branson to study under 45+ teachers from around the country. Each teacher strives to give our students a solid theological foundation based on the Word of God. Upon graduation, our students move on to ministry around the world through whatever profession they choose.

Think about this investment. You are helping to make it possible for one of these students to gain an education in the Word of God. From there, they will travel all around the world teaching others what they have learned. The impact is immeasurable, but most certainly eternal. Please consider adding this ministry to your monthly support list. You will not find a greater investment in life.

How much do we need to raise? This year we have 50 students attending the program. Thus, we need to raise $8,000 per student. Although every little amount helps to provide a scholarship, could you imagine a better investment than helping to fund 1 student through this life changing year? They will go on to teach the Bible around the world and impact thousands of people along the way.

About KI: We are located in Branson Missouri. KI started in 2001 and has graduated 315 students over the years. Our students regularly say things like, "That was the most amazing experience of my life" and "every Christian needs to attend this program." We even had students that were Bible majors in College say things like, "I learned more in the first 4 weeks of KI than I did in all of my undergraduate degree!" KI has a beautiful campus known as K-Kauai which includes a pool, basketball court (indoor and outdoor), putt-putt course, computer lab and library, dining hall, 2 classrooms, and 5 apartment buildings.

Student Spotlight: John Elmore. John graduated from KI in the Spring of 2007. This last year he ventured down to Haiti to start a Malnutrition Clinic in the poorest country in the western hemishere. There is currently treating 35+ children that are starving to death. Where did John's passion develop? At the Kanakuk Institute!

1. Know your Bible, Know your God.