Events For a Purpose

Please consider voting for Events for a Purpose on Jumo! It is a forming non-profit, designed to help the little main struggling to get out their and gain support from their community, but putting on social justice geared events!…Read More

Letter to Criag's List

Hello Everyone! I know that some of you probably have heard that a lot of child sex slaves in America are being sold off of Craig’s list. The founder Craig Newmark says his company is doing all they can about this problem, but according to a lot of reports…Read More

New Video's

Hey everyone go check out all the new video's I've posted and spread the word!

Donate without spending a dime!

OMGOODNESS Another awesome way to raise money for your fave cause without even spending a dime! How cool is this


Just wanted to send everyone a link to this amazing shirt...

34 Slaves Freed!

Hugh Jackmans twitter name

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