In regard to the email where you can send condolences to our family for my brother Joseph Franze, the link is,, http://www.donohuefuneralhome.ca/obituaries.asp click on May, and 2006, Last name, Franze and first name, Joseph. It will take you to a page…Read More

The link that was not enclosed.

http://www.donohuefuneralhome.ca/ObitDetail.asp Copy and paste into your address bar and you can leave your messege on that page and it will be given to our parents.

Sorry forgot the link!

http://www.donohuefuneralhome.ca/ObitDetail.asp Please copy and paste the link into your address bar and hit enter and there is where you can send your messege!

"From the Cerebral Palsy In Memory of My Brother Joseph Franze" cause

I just noticed on this site I found that anyone who did know Joe, and didn't get to give condolences to the family may still do so at the site enclosed in this email. If you would like to do this, please also enclose a bit of information on how you knew Joe…Read More

A newsletter article by Joe Dolce

Mr. Joe Dolce, I wish I would've known your email before. I am Liz Franze of London, Ontario. I have to tell you, your song, Shuddup you face, well i'll tell ya, I heard it when it came out and brought it home after I bought it so I could play it for my…Read More

Dedicated pledge to my brother Joseph!

My baby boy Joe! I'm going to what I can for all families that deal with Cerebral Palsy in some way! Wishes: If I could have a lifetime wish, A dream that would come true. I'd pray to God with all my heart for yesterday and you.. A thousand words can't…Read More

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