Dogs are being moved from Memeylakha to Serbithang

Dear all, Tashi Payden, RSPCA and JANGSA are shifting 50 dogs from Memeylakha to Serbithang and sure could use some help. Call Sonam at 77229944 if you can pitch in.

A bleak new year for Memeylakha residents

Dear All, I have learnt that from the 2000 dogs which were caught prior to the coronation... only about 400 survived. Many continue to die everyday due to the cold conditions and the lack of nutritious food. Many of them have been affected by scabies and…Read More


Dear Members, I know everyone is busy with coronation week, but it has come to my attention that a food crisis is brewing in Memeylakha and Serbithang. There are now 2,000 dogs that need to be fed everyday, that's about 200 kgs of rice and other vegies...…Read More

New Photos from Memeylakha Dog Pound

Hi, Here are the belated pictures from Memaylakha, please see the condition for yourself.

Adopt a Dog Program!

Tashi Payden has her first two adorable dogs... anyone interested in great companions?
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