To try & lower the number of human/elephant encounters, raise funds to protect more land so that natural habitat is not continuously destroyed and to ultimately try and save elephants from extinction

The African elephant once roamed the entire continent of Africa.

Demand for ivory, combined with habitat loss from human settlement, has led to a dramatic decline in elephant populations in the last few decades. In 1930, there were between 5 and 10 million African elephants. By 1979, there were 1.3 million. In 1989, when they were added to the international list of the most endangered species, there were about 600,000 remaining, less than one percent of their original number.

1. Poaching must be stopped, although it's illegal it's still going on.

2. People in surrounding areas need to be educated so as to gain more understanding rather than fear. Elephants are currently looked upon as large rats - pests!

3. More land needs to be protected to stop it from being destroyed and leaving the elephants without their natural habitat, forcing them to roam further and thus resulting in conflict with humans.