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delta land fill

I was at the land fill the other week and was disgusted with the waste of humans left there to be pushed in a hole and covered with a layer of dirt and thats the way things are done in the world today!!!
I was sick to my stomach plastic bags littered the mountain like hills as I helped a friend unload his truck a 43 foot bin trailer and semi pulled up next to us lifted the bin up and pulled forward dumping his load then driving off leaving 43 feet of styrofoam and cardboard mixed with plastics all 100% recyclable or reusable it should not have been there or even thought of dumping there then what i seen next is unexplainable a back hoe came and covered it with more materials which made me feel like screaming at the top of my lungs but whats the point when no one would even hear me!
why it was not sorted in piles and recycled is beyond me??
I was terrified with the thought of tomorrow, what would be of our world and how is it helping us now to just cover "garbage" with more "garbage" how will it help tomorrow and the day after, to just keep piling waste on top of waste what will become of it????? NOTHING!!!
I was wondering why all that foam was not recycled or reused it would use less resources to break it down and make new foam but instead it was left in a hole to sit for a hundred years at which it would then be an antique and worth something?? i dont know!! any way just had to get that off my mind had to tell whoever will listen thanks i will be going back to investigate with a video camera so look for posts to come!
I was amazed within all the filth, beauty was flying and perched around me by the hundreds. Eagles young and old I could not even count the amount flying overhead there was that many so I did leave amazed in more way then one, but wanting to do something! BUT WHAT? any one tell me?
please tell me, WHY??? anyone!

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