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You care about the environment and are active in the fight to stop the polluter assault on our life-saving clean air protections.   Now, you have the chance to support our clean air fight in a cool new way.   Champion our “No Dirty Air. No Dirty…Read More

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As a member of a Cause that supports Environmental Defense Fund, we want to reach out and give you the opportunity to donate today and TRIPLE your support…Read More

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Thank you for being active in a cause that supports the Environmental Defense Fund. Your participation is definitely noted, and I would like to invite you to become more familiar with EDF through liking our page on Facebook:…Read More

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You and I both know the best gifts can't be put into boxes. That's why EDF created Presents for the Planet (, an online…Read More

delta land fill

I was at the land fill the other week and was disgusted with the waste of humans left there to be pushed in a hole and covered with a layer of dirt and thats the way things are done in the world today!!! WHY? I was sick to my stomach plastic bags littered the…Read More

i figure;

if KNOWLEDGE is POWER then POWER in NUMBERS invite all you know to join! SHE needs are help!!!!!!!!


warrior against the wastefull way A.K.A. Reycycling Vigalante
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