Get to the U.S. Chamber before the White House Job Summit Tomorrow

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent tens of millions of dollars to spread lies about unions and oppose the Employee Free Choice Act. Tomorrow, the White House is holding a "jobs summit." And representatives from companies on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce…Read More

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The Fight Moves to Congress: H.R. 1409

The Employee Free Choice Act was introduced today in BOTH the Senate and the House of Representatives! But with both houses of Congress now considering the bill, there's no time to waste. Click here to email your lawmakers and make sure they support the…Read More

We've passed the 1.5 million mark! Now, let's pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

Earlier today, thousands of workers gathered on Capitol Hill to call for an economy that works for everyone. Joined by members of Congress, they came to unveil the 1.5 million signatures on our petition to pass the Employee Free Choice Act. Corporate…Read More

Last day to vote on

Hey, Tomorrow (December 31) is the last day to vote for the Employee Free Choice Act on's "Ideas" contest. Vote for the idea here: We…Read More

Vote for the Employee Free Choice Act! wants to know what you think: how can President-Elect Obama make real change for America? They’re looking for policies which will fulfill the call for “change” across the country. Let’s make sure the Employee Free Choice Act is one of those…Read More

Free Choice Act opponent for "Grinch of the Year"

Hey, Jobs with Justice is running its annual online contest to determine the national figure who does the most harm to working families. One of the candidates is Richard Berman, the anti-worker corporate lobbyist who runs front groups against the Employee…Read More
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