I would like to thank everyone so far for your support. I would also like to ask if for this month to set a goal to invite as many friends as possible to join this cause. It is becoming a harder fight to get the information out there and tell people about how…Read More


I have created two new groups on facebook! They are "Prayer Group" and "Operation ChristStorm". The purpose of the prayer group is pretty self explanatory and Operation ChristStorm is a group that wants you to get involved with your school. I will be posting…Read More

Thank you

I realized that lately I have not checked to see how Americans Against Abortion was doing. I am proud to say and amazed to see that we have a total of 1378 members. Thank you all, keep up the good work, and keep spreading the news! :)

New Admins

There are a handful of new admins that I picked. They are listed here: Brittany Dupont C.J. Russ Donnie Mosher Thalia Edmons Kaylen Quintin Thank you.
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