To stop dog and cat eating in China and Korea

The Chinese and Koreans believe that the adrenaline rush achieved by hanging dogs from ropes on trees and leaving them to slowly strangle to death, and then while still alive, blowtorch off their fur, all leads to the meat tasting nicer for them to eat. This is disguting and needs to be stopped! Moran Market is the largest dog meat market in South Korea, lets help to try and close this down. I have felt to sickened to find any more information out on the boiling off cats after seeing the disgusting images and information that have come up from my research on hanging dogs. However, I assure you that boiling cats to death does happen in China and Korea and it is completely disguting and should not be happening! PLEASE JOIN THIS GROUP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE! By adding your name you will be signing the petition which will be sent to both the Chinese Goverment and the Chinese Embassy in the UK. Thank you! Kelly P

1. Dogs should not be hung to death with chains around their neck

2. Cats should not be bolied alive to eat

3. They believe that the more cruel the death, the better the meat tastes