to collect used eyeglasses and set up permanent distribution centers

“Beyond our goal of opening more clinics
using GLOBAL re-VISION's almost magical technology, our mission is to
make the world aware that refractive error…
1) Afflicts OVER 14 TIMES MORE impoverished people than anyone realizes or acknowledges,
2) Afflicts 19 TIMES MORE people than ALL OTHER vision impairments COMBINED,
3) Comprises 95% of the World’s TOTAL
vision impairment problem,
4) Is virtually UNrecognized and UNaddressed as the principal root CAUSE of humankind's most serious educational, economic and social problems,
.... And implementing GLOBAL reVISION’s
systematic ‘green’ approach using recyclyed eyeglasses provides an easy, accurate, universal solution”
— Robert Martin, Founder

What are the GOALS of GLOBAL reVISION?
Our most important goal is to collect enough Spec$-and-a-Buck to sponsor PERMANENT primary eye care clinics using GLOBAL re-VISION's almost magical technology, wherever there is a concentration of people in need of eyeglasses who cannot afford to purchase quality eye care.

Our immediate goal is to effectively communicate the simple elegance of the GLOBAL reVISION program, and how committed you become to collecting and contributing Spec$-and-a-buck.

For each commitment and contribution of 50,000 specs+a buck, we can open a new clinic.

We have put together a fully integrated program that is in successful operation as we speak. All we need now is YOUR specs-and-buck to multiply that success.

1. Over 2.1 BILLION people need eyeglasses to see properly but cannot afford to buy them!

2. Hundreds of millions of eyeglasses are replaced annually, and most people just hold on to their old glasses

3. GLOBAL reVISION uses magical technology and a self-funding system to deliver used eyeglasses to the needy!