Enforce the law, and stop the superfluous flow of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico, and also deport any illegal aliens that currently reside in the US.

This cause is to help stop illegal immigration. This is NOT RACIST, and I mean no offense to anyone who is of Mexican descent. Lets face the facts people, illegal immigration is deteriorating our country. For the immigrants that come here in a legal fashion, that is completely fine, no matter where you come from. However, coming here illegaly is, well, ILLEGAL. By endorsing this act, America would be going against its own law!

I really want to emphasize that nobody should take offense to my stance. We, as Americans, need to look past the fact that these illegal aliens are Mexican. There are many people who distort my particular stance and take it as an attack on general immigration, or even more specific, Hispanics. As far as I'm concerned, it could be white europeans, blacks, asians, or anyone else, and there would be the same results. This is why I actually encourage Mexican-Americans to join my cause, because they will play a major key in terms of communication to the Mexican people and their government. It would prove that this issue has very little to do with the fact that the illegal immigrants just happen to be Mexican, and that our problem is directly linked to them. Below are a few reasons why I feel that this cause needs to be pursued.

1. California is the most populated state. Do we really want an uncontrolled amount of people (thousands a day) freely waltzing into our counrty?

2. Hardworking, honest people (citizens AND green card holders) are paying for their health services and education. They contribute to NONE of this, since none of them pay taxes.

3. Most illegals are sending money back to Mexico. This drains massive amounts of money from our economy, since the money is not spent here in the US.

4. WE DON'T KNOW WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE! They could be brining in anything: from diseases, to weapons, to drugs. We just simply CAN'T trust them! This of course, implies that they are ALL a threat to National Security.

5. Our government NEEDS to negotiate with the Mexican government (who, by the way, loooves the idea of their citizens dumping billions of dollars into their growing economy). They aren't doing anything about it.

6. For the people who hire illegals, they are illegally employing these people- not only because the workers are illegal, but also because the employers are not showing any record of their employement. In addition, they could be breaking labor laws.

7. Illegal immigrants are taking the jobs of Americans. There are so many jobless people out there who could be working their jobs.