Please join this group. Merci de vous joindre a ce group.

To help Israel, pour aider Israel... Thanks, Merci, Cyril.

Le Roman d'Israel

This is a message for the Francophones among the members of the IsraHelp cause... Nous vous invitons a acheter l'excellent livre "Le Roman d'Israel" de Michel Gurfinkiel en suivant ce lien: Nous l'avons trouve excellent et si vous…Read More

Merci aux 229 membres de la cause IsraHelp ... Thanks to the 229 members of the IsraHelp's cause ...

En cette fin de Yom Atsmaout, avez-vous tous installe la barre d'outils d'IsraHelp qui aide Israel a chaque recherche: ? Following Yom Atsamaut, did you install IsraHelp's toolbar which helps Israel at each Google search:…Read More

Message for the Francophone supporters of IsraHelp

Bonjour a tous, Nous vous remercions de vous etre joints a notre cause et d'inviter vos connaissances, amies d'Israel, a nous rejoindre. Si vous souhaitez aider Israel, nous vous remercions d'avance d'effectuer les deux actes suivants: 1. Installer la…Read More

This cause must grow - Cette cause doit croitre

Thanks in advance for inviting all your friends who care about Israel to this cause. We are currently 133 and there is a lot of room for growth in the number of members of the cause. You can also click once per day on the following link:…Read More

From other countries?

The TARIAG Association is looking for exceptional individuals who would like to volunteer their time and will be dedicated to collect funds for Israel. The aim is to propose in other languages than French and to provide tax exemption on the…Read More
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