Shaheedi Diwas of Sardar Bhagat Singh

Kureh Khaak hai Gardash main Tapash se Meri ,
Main Voh majnu huan Jo Jindaan main Bhee Azad Raha,

We all know that 23rd of March is the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh , Sukhdev and Rajguru , the greatest revolutionaries who are till this day idols for the youth and young generations. Please be part of our commemoration and proudly wear RED in remembering the revolution they started in 1931. Please wear red to your schools and universities. If you wear a turban, wear a red one, if you wear a tie for work please use a red one and celebrate the men and women who fought for our freedom. This glorious day comes only once a year, so please make the most of it and join our tribute to all the revolutionaries who have fought for a better future for all of humanity. Wear red to honor those who gave us the right to be free and to be proud. 23rd is not a day to mourn or cry but to celebrate.

Kabhi woh din bhi ayega
Ke jab azad hum honge
Yeh apni hi zamin hogi
Yeh apna aasman hoga
Shahidon ki chitaon par
Lagenge har baras mele
Watan par marne walon ka
Yahi nam-o-nishan hoga.

Last lines of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev.
Translation- (someday that day will come when we are free/ this will be our land and our sky/ people will celebrate in the grounds where once/ martyrs’ pyres were lit/ A tribute to all those who/ Gave their lives for their motherland.)

Red stands for the inquilabi blood that flows through the 5 rivers of the Punjab and thus flows through every proud Punjabi. The blood of revolution , the blood of sacrifice , the blood of strength , courage and fearlesness.. The blood of our revolutionaries. Be proud today.

Long live the revolution------ Inquilab Zindabad. Never forget march 23rd, 1931..

please pass on this message.

Sat Sri Akal

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