Secure the future of the American Pit Bull Terrier as a cherished family companion.


We’re a non-profit organization made up of a diverse and ever growing group of pit bull owners, rescuers and supporters. “BAD RAP” evolved out of a desire to respond to the difficult issues facing this misunderstood breed. Our common bond has resulted in a unique and lively community of folks who share some of the qualities of our favorite dogs: fun, loving, devoted, spirited and tenacious!


Educate and Influence: Our education-based organization works to inspire a better understanding and appreciation of the breed, to dispel damaging myths, to encourage responsible ownership practices, and to help shelters build strong adoption programs.

Rescue: We rescue deserving pit bulls that have been abandoned or surrendered to the overcrowded shelter system. After thorough temperament screening, our dogs are trained and home fostered with breed-experienced volunteers until they’re matched with qualified adopters. Please visit our website to fully understand the pains we go through to make sure these dogs end up in loving and responsible homes.

Support: We’re a meeting place where owners and shelter staff can find training resources, breed specific information, responsible ownership guidelines, vet referrals and positive outlets for their dogs.

1. All dogs have the right to be judged as individuals, regardless of breed.

2. Temperamentally correct pit bulls make excellent family pets.