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Staying Alive's Supporter Email List!

Hi everyone!

On behalf of Staying Alive we want to thank you for your support and shared passion for promoting education and awareness on HIV/AIDS. Staying Alive aims to empower young people using a two pronged approach; a multi-media educational campaign and a grassroots grant-giving initiative through the Staying Alive Foundation. HIV/AIDS continues to be one of the greatest challenges for this generation. Young people 25 and under do not know a world without HIV, yet they continue to be disproportional affected by HIV. Studies do show though, that young people, with the right education and tools, are also our greatest hope in stemming the spread of education on HIV.

We would like to invite you to sign up on our Foundation’s email list if you would like to learn more and/or become further involved with the Staying Alive Foundation. Once added, we will be updating you on current information, events, announcements, and open opportunities to get involved with this cause! Please send your name and email address to [email protected].

Thanks so much!!

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