Use your voice to help fight HIV...

What if I told you this: that every six seconds someone is infected with HIV… that by the time you’ve read this page it will have found its way into at least another ten lives. Shocking, isn’t it.

We need it to stop. But we need your help.

You’re probably thinking that your 10 bucks can’t make a difference – you’re wrong.

Here at the Staying Alive Foundation, we give out small grants to young people fighting HIV at a grass roots level, in their own communities… the places that massive media campaigns just can’t reach.

So while 10 bucks might buy you a coffee and a magazine, elsewhere it could pay for education materials, condoms and lots more – things that can save lives.

The people we fund are amazing young, selfless individuals – your money can help us to help them – and, in doing so, spread the HIV awareness massage in places that desperately need it.

I guess that’s all there is to say. Simply by having joined this cause you’re pledging your support – but if you can, please stand by what you saY and make a donation. Any money given will be doubled by our generous partners SpinVox.

Alternatively we’re hosting a fun blog that aims to gather a global view point on sexual antics. Please check out www.standbywhatyousay.com - if you call up and leave your view on the daily hot topic, SpinVox will donate $5 to our cause – and it won’t cost you more than the price of a standard rate call, and a bit of time!


1. Join the global fight against HIV and AIDS

2. Just $10 can make a real difference - please give what you can

3. Your support and money will help young people all over the world doing their utmost to fight HIV in their local communities