Raise awareness and understanding among families and medical dr's to create a better support network for sufferers of this painfull syndrome that robs us of so much.

There are FOUR Main Symptoms/Criteria for a diagnosis of RSD-Reflex Sympatic Dystrophy or aka CRPS-Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
1. Constant chronic burning pain
2. Inflammation
3. Spasms-in blood vessels and muscles of the extremities
4. Insomnia/Emotional Disturbance
The constant PAIN is described as Burning Pain as if a red hot poker were inserted into the affected area, also throbbing, aching stabbing, sharp, tingling, and/or crushing in the affected area and is hot or cold to touch. Allodynia (extreme sensitivity to touch) is usually present as well. The Inflammation is not always present. It takes various forms, the skin may appear mottled, become easily bruised, have a shiny, dry, red, and tight look to it. An increase in sweating usually occurs as well. The Spasms result in a feeling of coldness, body fatigue, skin rashes, low-grade fever, swelling (edema), sores, dystonia, and tremors. The fourth part is Insomnia and Emotional Disturbance. RSD/CRPS affects the limbic system of the brain. This causes many problems like depression, insomnia and short-term memory problems. RSD/CRPS causes depression, NOT the other way around!
What Causes RSD/CRPS?=The trigger is usually some type of physical injury - anything from a seemingly trivial bump, bruise, or cut to more serious damage from a crushing wound, a stab wound, frostbite, or a burn. Surgery and various forms of disease-including heart attack, stroke, infection, cancer, and spinal arthritis can also start the process. The list can go on for other pain and discomfort that the patient feels and many can be attributed to the RSD/CRPS. But we can and will learn to cope with it. It is not, and will not, be easy: That is why a support system is so necessary for patients. This system can take the form of your family, friends, support groups, and On-Line Support such as this cause. Also the medical community needs to raise awareness and teach their doctor's the proper way to treat our pain, as opposed of simply judging and dismissing us as "drug seeking faker's" or "it's all in your head"

1. to create a caring and supportive site for victims of CRPS to share their stories and raise awareness

2. Everyone deserves proper pain managment and fair treatment from the medical community

3. To educate out families and friends on the facts and fictions about chronic pain and to help them make them understand that it's nobodys fault

4. To start a letter campaign to compile into a book about the personal success stories of survivor's and fighter's that refuse to give up-many do!