Check out this CNN clip of independents ...

Watch the video of CNN covering IndependentVoice.Org's State of the Union watch party in Los Angeles. Featured is Royce D'Orazio, our Los Angeles chapter organizer.

You're Invited this Sunday!!!

January Popcorn & Politics Bankers & Bonkers Can Independents Remake A System Gone Haywire? Government bailouts, corruption, and deep economic recession. The party power brokers and…Read More

Event Details

Sorry the link didn't work, here's the details: We all know the bad news. The state is sinking in a sea of debt, our infrastructure is crumbling, and our economy is hurting. But perhaps the worst news is that our political process has devolved to the point…Read More

You're Invited this Sunday!!!

Want to find out more about how we can change politics in California? Independent Voice is having a Popcorn & Politics event this Sunday at 3:30 pm called "How in the Heck Can Voters Take on the Parties and Special Interets". We're going to be…Read More

You're Invited: Why is America's Health Care Debate So Unhealthy?

September Popcorn & Politics: Why Is Our Health Care Debate So Unhealthy? America’s health care debate has turned so ugly that one Democratic Congressman recently declined to urinate on a rabble-rousing town hall speaker, citing it as a “waste of urine”.…Read More

Vote Now for your Presidential Choice

Cast your vote for President at . Independent Voters have made a big impact in this election. In Iowa, independents put Barack Obama over the top. In New Hampshire, independents gave new life to John McCain. On February…Read More

We're Almost There!!!

We're so close to finishing our Summer Fundraising Campaign!! We only need $2575 more by Labor Day!! Can you donate today to help get us over the top???
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