International Hope and Heritage now has a fan page on Facebook

You have received this email because you are a member of the International Hope & Heritage "Cause" on Facebook. IHH now has a Facebook fan page, which lets us more easily communicate with IHH supporters. Please visit the link below and become a fan of…Read More

Be a fan of IHH on Facebook

IHH now has a fan page on Facebook. The fan page allows better communication through wall posts and doesn't clutter up your notifications box when we want to share something about IHH and its ministries. Become a fan of IHH…Read More

New IHH update online

A new update has been posted online. Here are the highlights: - Ethiopia Child Sponsorship Program Launched - Vocational Training in Ethiopia - Use Goodshop for Back-to-School Shopping - Subscribe to IHH's Blog - Community Outreach at Lafto Drop-in…Read More

IHH Needs Your Help

We're about 1/2 way through the IHH Facebook Cause Member Challenge. If we get 1,500 members by February 9th, a donor will contribute $1,000 to IHH. All it takes is for each current member to recruit 10 members and we'll make the goal. Invite all of your…Read More

IHH Facebook membership drive - $1,000 donation

Hey everyone, A donor has come forward and has pledged to donate $1,000 to International Hope & Heritage if we can get 1,500 members of the IHH Facebook cause in one month. Please take a look at your friends list and send this notification to them. We…Read More

IHH China trip update

(This update was sent from Andrew Steele - IHH's Program Director for Orphan Advocacy. Please pray for the very important training session that Andrew will conduct Sat. morning in China - about 7:30pm Friday- U.S. Central time...) We traveled to two…Read More

IHH China trip begins today

IHH is Going to China for Orphan Advocacy Today begins a trip to China for IHH's orphan advocacy program. Andrew Steele will be going with two IHH supporters, Marty and Joe. IHH is sponsoring a 2-day training session in Fuzhou, where orphanage directors…Read More
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