BORDC's mission is to promote, organize, and support a diverse, effective, national grassroots movement to restore and protect civil rights and liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC) is a national grassroots organization that educates and mobilizes people from all walks of life to defend the Constitution in their local communities all across the country. Under the Bush Administration, BORDC played a vital role in resistance to the PATRIOT Act by coordinating local resolutions opposing its adoption in over 400 towns & cities across America. Today, BORDC continues to defend constitutional rights threatened by the so-called "War on Terror," by promoting (a) democratic transparency as a solution to executive secrecy; (b) executive accountability for torture and other violations of the Rule of Law; (c) robust protections against profiling according to political speech, or religion, race or ethnicity; (d) restoration of constitutional freedoms in response to warrantless -- and increasingly pervasive -- surveillance; and (e) debate and creative action addressing threats to privacy, the presumption of innocence, and other civil liberties.

1. All people in the U.S., and those within its control , are entitled to rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

2. We the People must organize and assertively exercise those rights in order to protect them.

3. An engaged, educated and empowered grassroots movement is the best defense against laws & policies that threaten constitutional rights & liberties.

4. The US cannot ensure security by sacrificing the values that make it worth defending, or by selectively subjecting certain groups to unique abuses.

5. The Rule of Law, and accountability for its abuse, are our nation's strongest defenses in the struggle against violent extremism.

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