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Another step forward

As many of you know back in July Help Stop Child Slavery received our official status as a registered not for profit charity. We will have now taken another step forward and we are now tied in to allow you to make donations to us directly through Facebook.

Please consider making a donation and helping the cause. Whether or not you can make a financial donation you can help in another dramatic way that costs you absolutely nothing – “Donate Your Homepage” (This is how we generate ad revenue to help bring child slavery to an end.)

How does it work?

Every time you open your internet browser you are first taken to your homepage, most people currently have their homepage set to something like AOL, Google, MSN, or Yahoo.

By making Help Stop Child Slavery ( your homepage, you help raise ad revenue which is then used to fight to end child slavery.

Everyone has a homepage to donate.

The more people act, the more money we can raise so be sure to spread the word and invite all of your friends!

You can find more information on our site –

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