Meetings for DeKalb Chapter Resume!

The DeKalb Chapter of CII is meeting tonight on NIU's campus at the Holmes Student Center across from Subway at 7:30 pm! We would be delighted to see you and to come together to make this year even better for the children and orphans! Also, hear about our…Read More

Our Band is Playing at The House Cafe in DeKalb tomorrow at 7:30 pm!

Hello everyone, Hope you are enjoying the summer months. Today has been absolutely gorgeous over here, so if you have not stepped outside yet, I suggest you do so immediately. We want to let you know that our band, Ten Pound Test, is playing at the House…Read More

Word from our CEO: Major Announcement

This is a message from our CEO: Dr. Phillip Kilikas, Imagine my joy and surprise to check my e-mails and find an e-mail from Pastor Steve Kimbowa in Uganda. In his E-mail I quote "Today Wednesday the deal is done, it is finished!" Friends and supporters…Read More

Stepping into Leadership: Upcoming Election for Positions

This Thursday at 7:30 pm we will be meeting at the Holmes Student Center at the tables across from the Subway to discuss leadership for CII. With the recent advancements that are happening in the organization NIU students need to step up in their…Read More

Huge Answer to Prayer! The children have a home!

We have made tremendous progress with our orphanage in Uganda! As you probably remember, we were facing the risk of the orphanage being sold by the owner and the children being left to the streets or living in shelters of wooden slats. The Bank of Uganda had…Read More

Wanna Dance?

CII's preparation for a dance is officially underway!! What type of dance you ask? Well that remains to be seen! It could be big band or smooth jazz or classic rock, the possibilities are endless. This is where you come in. We need help planning this event!…Read More


CII is having a bake sale next Sunday to help raise funds for children who are living in poverty in America. We provide them with toys, clothes, and food for Christmas. We also tell them of true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ. This is an annual event…Read More
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