How are you affected by Type One diabetes?

I have diabetes. (47% people answered this) A loved one has diabetes. (40% people answered this) I just want to help and raise awareness. (11% people answered this) 105 people voted. Find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes Generally, Type One Diabetes is…Read More

Low carb alternatives - Recipes and snacks!

Hi everyone!! As a type one diabetic, I am always looking for new foods and recipes that are low in carbohydrates. Things like pasta, pizza, pancakes, and other food with a high carb count are always tricky for diabetics. I have discovered many different…Read More

Interesting connection - Finding Nemo and T1D?

Here is a very interesting blog post from a "diabetes dad" who noticed some similarities between the characters in Disney/Pixar's "Finding Nemo" and what children with diabetes and their parents go through. What are your thoughts on…Read More

Low carb pancakes made from TOFU!

A great low carb alternative to pancakes, made from tofu! Check it out.

The perfect image of SUPPORT.

This photo speaks for itself!

Stable, Liquid Glucagon Formulation Discovered for Potential Use in Artificial Pancreas Systems

Article via Form of liquid glucagon discovered that could work with insulin pumps...

Glooko - download BG readings onto your iPhone..

Hey everyone! I just discovered this. It allows you to download your blood glucose readings onto your iPhone via an app. Seems pretty cool!! Let us know if anyone has tried it!
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