How are you affected by Type One diabetes?

  • I have diabetes. (47% people answered this)
  • A loved one has diabetes. (40% people answered this)
  • I just want to help and raise awareness. (11% people answered this)

105 people voted.

Find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes Generally, Type One Diabetes is diagnosed in children, teenagers, or young adults. There are many things that could contribute to the diagnosis, including autoimmune, genetic, and environmental factors. (from Note: You are allowed to write personal stories and positive comments on the wall. However, if you post a negative comment directed towards the cause or a member, it will be deleted. We won't tolerate it. Please be respectful. All donations go directly to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation: (JDRF). Thank you all for your support. 1. We must find a cure for diabetes in our lifetime. 2. Inspire others to be involved.

No matter how Type One diabetes affects us.. we are all in this together!


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