JAAGO aims to bring about substantial improvement in the lives of disadvantaged children with special emphasis on their literacy and nourishment.

What comes to your mind when you hear of “Bangladesh”?

 Extreme Poverty?
 Illiteracy?
 Corruption?
 Dirty Politices?
 Over-population?

Probably, you have already found your answer in the list given above.

Once in February 2007, in a heated discussion of a General Club, this same question was addressed to all. One-by-one answers came pouring in - Answers that sounded distinct, but meant all the same. In the form of a Black Swan, there came this answer: “Potential to Develop once given an Opportunity”. Everyone laughed at this Bangladeshi young guy, Mr. Korvi Rakshand. No one knew what this man would do to give shape to his thought sometime later.

On a Golden Morning of April 2007, Mr. Korvi inaugurated a tinny-tiny organization in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh – JAAGO, a Bengali word meaning “Wake Up”. From then onwards, he struggled to wake up the sleeping potential of the Bangladeshi people.

JAAGO Foundation helps the underprivileged children of the slum of Dhaka to Break the Cycle of Poverty through Free Education of the International Standard. From the 17 students and one room with which JAAGO initiated its journey, today it is serving the Blessing of Knowledge to its 200 Courageous Warriors. In addition, JAAGO also ensures the betterment of its Angels. It provides the children with healthy and nutritional meals, regular medical check-ups and required medicines, all the necessary schooling materials, and extra-curricular activities.

Besides, JAAGO focuses on raising the standard of living of the section of the elder unfortunates. With programs such as Empowering Women, JAAGO has already developed the lives of many women by training them sewing and embroidery so that they can earn their own living. Through the program Healthy Living, JAAGO provides below-the-living-standard families with hygienic products and all sorts of financial supports.

In Bangladesh, 55% of the citizens are below-the-poverty-line and the remaining 45% are above-the-poverty-line. This section of the 45% of the population enjoys 90% of the country’s wealth. The gap between the poor and the riches has been continuously increasing since the country’s Independence.

In 2006, Salma and her family used to struggle hard to satisfy their hunger only, let go alone education. Their daily income used to be less that $1. Today, Salma goes to JAAGO to study for free and her mother earns her living by working as a Private Tailor. They live in a house of two rooms and earn a living of $5 per day. Finally, they have gained their long-awaited respect in their neighborhood and Salma has stood on her own feet and has started helping her mother to manage the accounts of their small tailor.

Till this day, JAAGO has improved the life-style of every of its 200 students and his/her family five times. It now aims to reach more kids and families who deserve the five basic necessities of life. JAAGO’s vision is to completely eradicate poverty from Bangladesh and aims towards inaugurating 64 more such schools in each of the 64 districts of this country.

To help fulfill its ambitions, JAAGO needs help from the blessed people residing on this globe. They say, sharing your fortune multiplies it, and we say helping the poor kids of JAAGO adds to the number of people loving you. A penny spent for some poor is way more valuable than a dollar spent for one’s own self.

If you are willing to help an average family in Bangladesh to have nutritional meals three times a day for 30 days, then all you have to so is to skip three meals in a month worth $50 each (a total of $150) and log onto www.jaago.com.bd.