To show national support to Canadian troops in Afghanistan and to give money to rebuilding Afghanistan

This is here for those people who support the Canadian men and woman who are currently serving in Afghanistan. Every day they put their lives on the line for our country and the rest of the free world.

Since there is no direct fund which I can affiliate the Cause towards giving money to our troops, I have decided that all donations will go towards helping the cause for Canada being in Afghanistan, spreading peace and rebuilding the country.

All donated money goes to a Charity based out of the United States aimed at rebuilding Afghanistan.


Taken from another Support Our Troops Group run by Cynthia Brais

The Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA) has launched, in 2006, its official “Support Our Troops" campaign, which gives Canadians easy and effective ways to support the entire CF community.

Canadians can show their support by:

- Wearing red on Fridays

- Writing to the troops on the Forces online message board :

- Buying the official "Support Our Troops" merchandise available at CANEX or online :

For you information, all proceeds from the sales of CFPSA "Support Our Troops" items are reinvested directly into morale and welfare programs for CF members and their families.

- Donating to CF Personnel Assistance Fund, to the CF Hospital Comforts Program or to Operation Santa Claus.
For more info on how to do so, please visit :

For more information on the "Support Our Troops" programs, visit :

1. National support for Canadian troops in Afghanistan

2. Provide money to rebuilding Afghanistan