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Tapestries of Hope

Thank you so much for ALL the support you have given our movie and our cause to raise AWARENESS on rape and abuse globally. In 2012, may we be closer to ending violence against women and children. Happy Holidays! Michealene

Tapestries of Hope-Showtime movie

These girls are so tenacious... I would LOVE to create what BETTY MAKONI has, this terrific program, here in the United States!

The International Violence Against Women ACT has been signed!

We are one step closer to ending violence against women and girls. Thank you ALL! Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UET-7KcP0Ys

Moving to Tapestries of Hope fan page

Hi everyone, we are getting ready for our nationwide movie premiere of 'Tapestries of Hope' on September 28th. In preparation, we would like for you to become fans of our Tapestries of Hope fan page so that you can get the latest updates about the premiere…Read More

Help us push CONGRESS to sign and fund the International Violence against Women ACT

As many of you know, we have been working on TOH since 2007. This is the story behind the myth in Zimbabwe, that raping a virgin cures your aids. Not only did Michealene find that men were indeed raping virgins, but babies as young as one day old. In…Read More

There is hope for Zimbabwe

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