Our vision is that every family creates and sustains a healthy home environment

Arizona's Children Association is the state's largest and oldest non-profit, full-service child welfare and behavioral health agency. More than 600 professionally trained, caring and dedicated individuals and 400 foster families, work every day to break the cycle of abuse, and begin the process of healing. Offering a combination of more than 40 Prevention, Intervention and Permanency programs, Arizona's Children Association positively effects the lives of some 45,000 Arizonans each year. The vast majority of our services are delivered in the homes of he children and families who come to us. As one of the only agencies to offer programs in every county in the state, Arizona's Children Association provides assistance in the following areas:
- Prevention
- Intervention
- Permanency
- Special Programs

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1. The mission of Arizona’s Children Association is based on a strong commitment to the welfare of children, adults and families.

2. Our highest priority is to help create and sustain healthy family environments.

3. We will provide a broad spectrum of services that foster

4. We will work and advocate through our family of agencies in every venue necessary to accomplish this mission.