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Hey everyone, When I started this Cause years ago, I never expected it to grow this fast, and this large. I am so proud of everyone that has donated and spread awareness for the Fight Against Prostate Cancer. Unfortunately, due to school and work, I really…Read More

It's Movember. Keep fighting. Keep Donating.

I want to give a huge thanks to all those who have donated recently. My inbox has literally been getting flooded with donations, I love it. Thank you so much. I'm not totally sure where these have all been coming from all of a sudden, but I am so grateful for…Read More

Keep Fighting.

http://wishes.causes.com/wishes/274251?bws=fb_stream_wish Keep fighting, keep donating. Keep the stories coming. There has been an increase in donations recently, thank you to everyone for stepping up.

Update. Keep Fighting. Thank You, everyone.

Hey everyone, Sorry for the lack of keeping updating everything recently, I'm a marketing student at the University of Missouri and also play on the hockey team, so I'm pretty busy. That being said....I still don't go a day without thinking about not only…Read More


Lately there has been an increase in activty, especially in the amount of donations. This is what our cause is all about, raising money and awareness to fight prostate cancer. THANK YOU!!! I would like to personally thank all those who have donated, I…Read More

2008 BR!CK Awards

Fight Prostate Cancer and I have been recognized from a company called Do Something and could have a shot at a 2008 BR!CK Award. The award is not a big deal to me, I would rather see this cause's word spread. From Alex Brick... I'm working for a company…Read More

10,000 Members!

Fight Prostate Cancer has now reached 10,000 members! This is more than I ever imagined. It is the largest Prostate Cancer Support Cause on Facebook. Keep it up! =)


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