Our mission is to bring awareness of Mary Lou Williams’ legacy and the significant role of women in the development and evolution of jazz through outreach

•Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band is a one-hour documentary about the greatest female jazz pianist, composer and arranger of the twentieth century.

•Mary Lou Williams’ collaborations with jazz artists such as Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk and avant-garde pianist, Cecil Taylor—span the century.

•Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band raises larger issues that continue to resonate in women's lives today: —What happens when creativity constantly butts up against a wall of resistance? —How great is the sacrifice of continually battling people’s misconceptions? —What does society lose by not allowing genius to flourish?

•Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band takes an inside look at jazz from her point of view. Her words—written and spoken over the years—will create the narration that will drive the story forward.

•Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band is in post-production. We have received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Duke University, National Black Programming Consortium, New York State Council on the Arts and the LEF Foundation.

•The producers are currently seeking additional funding through public and private grants, corporations, individuals and co-production opportunities.

•Our outreach goals for Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band are to educate, expose and inspire (particularly young people and girls.)

•The film will be distributed to schools, libraries and other educational market venues.

1. Advocate to keep music education in public schools

2. Create and support spaces for young artists to network

3. Broaden an understanding of the history and works of women artists across all genres

4. Bring awareness to the history and role of African Americans in the Catholic Church