ensure international trade serves everyone's interests

We envision a world where the economy works for people instead of people working for the economy; a world where upholding universal human rights takes precedence over profits. We believe that together we can shape a world where natural born economic standing or geographical locale does not determine economic destiny, a place where development objectives are not politicized, rather humanized. No longer will economic decisions be made exclusive of the lives they affect, rather all who are within the realm of impact will take part in the discourse, choosing a path that satisfies their needs without sacrificing their economic well-being. In the future all people will act as global citizens, in a global community that actualizes our innate responsibility to tend to the well-being of each other, forming policies that better the lives of the many and not just the few.

1. We support trade policy that is sustainable economically, socially, and environmentally.

2. Human rights inherently supercede corporate profits.

3. We advocate a system where countries have equitable and balanced access to decisions that directly impact their livelihoods.