Animal cruelty is VERY wrong and it must end NOW. I think it is wrong to just kill animals for testing or to get there fur, we don't need there fur to or something it is just for a LOOK, we can live with artificial fur colars or what ever they use it for. I am going to tell two of thousands of things they do to animals. One is rabbits are routinely blinded in a process named the 'Draize' test. The Draize test protects companies from potential lawsuits, and does not necessarily protect or guarantee human safety.Two is laying hens are kept in tiny cages, and many of the hens die from stress or disease. I would of told you about the fur but i think you might get the point on the fur. Did you know that over 10 billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption each year and 70 million animals are tortured and killed in US laboratories each year!!!
I know that is a ton, well if you don't think so your crazy. So I am going to ask you one more question,
Animale testing is wrong and I am going to do something about it BUT I need your hellp to do so, So are you going to help me or what?

1. We don't need animal fur, we can survive without it STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!