support rehabilitation centers that offer aid to recovering addicts and a safe haven for their families

Narcotic addiction seems to be dismissed when compared to such addictions as alcoholism. However, narcotic addiction is a very serious disease that is spreading across america.

Because prescription pills are legal and far to easy to come by, more and more Americans are falling into the grasps of addiction daily...Thus, millions of families are being ripped apart nation-wide. Today, easy to get prescription pain pills are past around at parties as if they did no harm. Is the temporary high achieved by popping pills worth an addiction that will last a life time? Of course not!

No one can understand the pain caused by an addiction until they've witnessed one first hand...and unfortunetly too many of us have. We need to learn from the mistakes of the generation before us and stop recreational pill popping if we want make any sort of future for the genterations to come.

1. Drug Addiction is a disease that can be cured.

2. Rehabilitation is the key to recovery not incarceration