Raku's Blog

Hi everyone, Raku has kicked off induction at Atlantic College and is keepinhg a blog so that we all stay updated on how things are going for him at the college. I made a wall post earlier about the blog but thought I would email out the link too, so here…Read More

Raku's Blog

Hi Everyone, Raku is now in Wales and has started keeping a blog. The link is: http://rakuatlanticcollege.blogspot.com/

Fundraising Letters

We (i.e., Shane and Cory) have finished drafting two fundraising letters for Raku's cause. They contain information about Raku, the cause and how potential donors can help. If you are interested in raising funds for Raku's tuition, please request copies of…Read More

Raku has arrived in the UK!!

Hi everyone, I just received an email from Raku and he has safely taken his first flight ever and reached the UK. Kelley picked him up from Heathrow and he is now in Wales with Kim. A small step for the fund raising team, a giant leap for Raku. My thanks…Read More


Hi all, Raku got his Visa today! It has been a traumatic wait. After 4 weeks and being rejected for his first application Raku managed to get a visa on his second attempt. I can believe it!! Now we really do have our work cut out for us, but I am very glad…Read More


Hi everyone, we have a donor! Mimi Willard, a dear friend of Cory Ross has offered to get Raku's Flight Ticket. All our thanks go out to her! Raku is still waiting to hear back about his visa appointment and hope to fly in the 2nd or 3rd week of…Read More

How to donate directly to Atlantic College..

go to www.atlanticcollege.org click on the 'donate online' icon. After selecting which currency you will be donating in, on the next page at the drop down tab, scroll down to 'Kullu Scholarship Fund'.
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