The ML4 Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded by families whose lives have been affected by ML4.

Mucolipidosis Type IV is an autosomal recessive disorder, mainly seen in Jews of Eastern European background. It is a cation channel disorder that is characterized by severe neurological and ophthalmologic abnormalities. ML4 usually presents during the first year of life with mental retardation, corneal opacities, and delayed motor milestones. Children with ML4 typically reach a maximum developmental age of 15 months in language and motor function, although their receptive abilities are more advanced.

Children diagnosed with ML4 experience
retinal degeneration that severely limits their vision. There is currently no treatment for this tragic disorder.

1 out of 100 Ashkenazi Jews is an ML4 carrier.

There is now a simple blood test to diagnose ML4. The blood test will also detect very low gastrin (stomach acid) levels which are common in children with ML4.

You can contact the ML4 Foundation at www.ml4.org or at 718-434-5067.

1. Its mission is to fund, promote and support medical research dedicated to developing effective treatments and, ultimately, curing ML4

2. Providing critical financial support to researchers to pursue the genetic origins of ML4

3. Linking individuals with ML4 with researchers for clinical studies

4. Encouraging established researchers to stimulate interest in ML4 at high academic levels

5. Sponsoring symposia and other programs concerning ML4 research to inspire cooperation, communication and collaboration among scientific researchers