I know not one person.....

I know not one person that does not know someone that has been negatively affected by these reform. I hear thousands of times from people who are desperate for answers, desperate for support and time and time again they are being pushed away. It hurts to hear…Read More

And so it has started DLA is being abolished, we can still stop it but we need your help

It is by standing together that we can and will make change happen. To me it does not matter who starts a petition all that matters is we get behind the them and support those petitions that could make a difference to all those that NEED support. It is all of…Read More

Why we should care

Many people say such things "like we should care because it affects us" or "we should care because it might happen to us" but the truth is we should care not because it affects us and not because it might happen to us but because its the right thing to do.…Read More

Save Legal Aid for all

Its important that we keep our rights. http://www.causes.com/actions/1752647-save-legal-aid-for-all

Help us gain the signatures needed to stop DLA from being abolished

10 million spent on Margaret Thatcher's funeral but what about the carers?

Yesdarday as we all know Margaret thatchers funeral took place in London at a massive cost of 10 million pounds. 10 million that us the Tax payers paid for. But what about the carers out their that need our support but yet get very little? what about the…Read More

help us reach out to new members

We need your help in reaching out to people and gaining more members, the more members we have the stronger we become. As carers our voices should not be silenced  as carers we can no-longer sit back and do nothing well our world is split in two by a…Read More
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