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3rd Annual Ocean Conservation Photo Contest!

In recognition of the United Nations declaring 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity, Project AWARE Foundation and SeaWeb's Marine Photobank are calling for entries for the third "Ocean in Focus" Conservation Photography Contest that feature species in need of protection, the human impacts upon them and their environments, and the importance of conserving biodiversity.

Photographers of all backgounds—including conservationists, scientists, divers, travelers and students—and at all skill levels, ranging from amateur to professional, are encouraged to vie for the Grand Prize package that includes US$500 cash as well as many marine-conservation related gifts. Four additional prizes packages will be available: three for honorable mentions and a "Biodiversity Award" package that will be bestowed upon a submission that particularly highlights the need for biodiversity.

During this International Year of Biodiversity, scientists and conservationists are especially concerned about recent failures of legislators to protect marine species. During the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species meeting in March, short-term economic interests won out over scientific evidence that many marine species are in need of further protection, including endangered hammerhead sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks, red coral and bluefin tuna.

Submit your photos that best feature the need for biodiversity and to protect species and ecosystems in peril. Visit to learn more about the contest.

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