The Marine Photobank aims to literally shed light through photos on pressing marine issues and human-related impacts on the ocean ecosystem. visit the Marine Photobank at www.marinephotobank.org.

The Marine Photobank is a unique resource that links a growing pool of conservation-minded photographers with a worldwide member network of researchers, educators and conservationists who work to highlight the pressing issues facing our ocean. Images are used to for outreach campaigns to protect coral reefs, engage fishermen in more sustainable fishing practices, teach coastal communities how to better manage their fisheries, promote the reduction of toxic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and engage the public as a whole in ocean conservation.

• We actively collect and maintain a free collection of diverse conservation-themed images that can be used for non-commercial conservation purposes.

• We supplement images with scientific data and resources and as scientists, we work to ensure accuracy and a high level of information about each of our images to help members understand current ocean issues.

• We network photographers, conservationists and media and help to facilitate an exchange between these entities and nurture partnerships to effectively engage target audiences.

• We engage audiences with important ocean themes by producing enriching educational materials from images in our collection enables viewers to gain a deeper understanding of ocean issues.

• We expand our image collections reach into the millions by circulating images to the media enabling journalists, editors and news outlets such as BBC and MSNBC to use images.

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