Gonna have that beef and beer soon. Anyone know of a nice place to have it? email me and let me know k

Justice for Adam Hammer

We have 1000 members. I knew we would get there. . Been alot of blood sweat and tears these past 6 years. Our family thanks you all for the support and kind things you have done in effort to bring us some peace of mind. Adam we will always love you and miss…Read More

Adam Hammer

Thinking about having a beef and beer soon. Let me know who is all down so i can start making preparations thanks

Adam Hammer

I want to try to raise some money up for the wissahicken a.a. Thats where Adam broke several records as a kid for rushing touchdowns. The money will go towards new equipment for the teams. email me if you have any questions

justice for Adam Hammer

I just want to thank all of you who has joined this cause,or recruited members for this cause I look to see who you all are and some of you I have known or know and some I don't however I am overwhelmed with emotion to see that hundreds of people are praying…Read More

Justice for Adam Hammer

I just want to thank all of you on keeping Adam's memory and spirit alive.Love Sophia Adam's Mom


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