To better the lives of abused and neglected children.

The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) is calling on Congress and the new President to hold a long overdue White House Conference on Children and Youth.

For the White House Conference on Children and Youth to become a reality the President and Congress will have to act on legislation, H.R. 618 and S. 938.

FOUR DECADES have passed without the White House bringing the focus of the nation to examine the state of our children. This conference would establish national goals for improvement.

The fundamental purpose of the 2010 White House Conference on Children and Youth is to fulfill the nation's need for an overall vision in child welfare and to refocus an inspired understanding of the many facts we have at our disposal to put them into practice at this critical juncture. There has never before been the summation of knowledge and experience as what now lies before the 2010 conference. Now is the time to bring together the years of research and expertise that will make a difference in the lives of children if focused upon nationally.

A White House Conference on Children and Youth is needed to focus the attention of the nation on the children who, after all, are our responsibility. The conference will examine the greatest needs and set the country on a path to reform. The commitment of Congress and the power of the White House is needed to once again make vulnerable children a national priority and point the way to significant reform and improvements.

Learn more: http://www.cwla.org/advocacy/whitehouseconf10.htm

1. The feds should make vulnerable children a priority.

2. It's been FORTY years since the last conference.

3. It's time to re-evaluate and reform.

4. This issues affects us all, economically and otherwise.

5. It's time to act, and a White House Conference is the answer!