Ways YOU can help PL this holiday season and beyond!!!!

Hello Everyone, There are many ways you can make a difference for the kids down here. Some as simple as using Goodsearch.com, Making donations of equipment, Sponsoring different programs we run, all of wwhich help us reach out to more youth and expand our…Read More

Performing Life November Monthly Report

MONTHLY REPORT NOVEMBER 2008 www.Performinglifebolivia.org November has been another busy month for us as we get things ready for the coming year. The first part of this month was spent checking in with families and youth homes. Then we began focusing on the…Read More

Official PERFORMING LIFE, INC. page on Facebook

You already support our Cause, now join our page and become a Fan! You'll be up to date on the latest news, events, and pictures of the kids and the project. Pass it along to whoever you think would be down with the cause. Here's the link, it'll just take a…Read More

Fundraising for Performing the World Conference

Dear Performing Life Friends and Supporters, We write this letter to everyone that has been following our progress through the last few years to inform all of you that Performing Life has been invited to present our work in the international conference…Read More
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