Help us reach our goal of raising $100,000! For every $1 donated, The Prem Rawat Foundation wil donate an additional $1.

This Cause will raise funds to support the World Food Program's efforts in Haiti following food riots in April 2008 due to the rising cost of food. Skyrocketing food prices are affecting countries around the world, creating the biggest challenge the World Food Program has faced in its 45-year history.

One child dies every five seconds from hunger-related causes. You can help!

1. Global food prices have skyrocketed, creating a "silent tsunami" threatening to push 130 million people deeper into poverty.

2. A new face of hunger is emerging: even where food is available on the shelves, there are now more and more people who simply cannot afford it.

3. The World Food Program can feed a child for just 25 cents a day – that's just $50 to feed a child one meal a day in school for a full year!