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about a year ago i moved to Uganda, East Africa to do mission work. my time in Uganda brought me more joy than i thought possible and took me places physically, emotionally, and spiritually beyond my wildest dreams. after spending my first four months in uganda teaching kindergarten and essentially falling in love, God brought my attention to a greater need and led me to open a nonprofit organization that sponsors children to go to school. in uganda school is not free. it is not provided by the government. it is not a right, it is a privilege. and it is a privilege that only the well-off can afford. here's the catch: there aren't many "well-off". these children can't afford school so they grow up uneducated. they are uneducated so they cannot get a job so they cannot make money when they are grown. they cannot make money so they cannot afford to send their own children to school. those children grow up uneducated. and thus, the cycle continues. poverty is a cycle that will not be broken unless, somehow, we can educate these youth. but i believe that living in faith can end poverty.

you ask how you can help? i have an answer.

Amazima Ministries in an organization based in Uganda, East Africa. We are striving to educate the poorest of the poor here intelectually and spiritually. Today, Amazima Ministries shares Christ's love with 150 children, providing them with school fees, supplies, healthy meals, medical needs, and spiritaul encouragement. We provide a home and a family for children who have never had the luxury of either. We provide encouragement physically, emotionally, and spiritually to those who need it most. We provide these children with truth. The truth of a bigger world through education, but more importantly the truth of a God who created them beautifully in His image, a God who loves them and values them and wants the best for them. These children have never known that kind of love.

We would like to do more but we need your help. To ensure that these 150 children stay in school, each needs an individual sponsor . This is made possible for as little as $300.00 per year. That money provides your child with an education and much more (see form below). If you can't sponsor a child at this time, maybe there is another way you can help. Skip two Starbucks coffees and a coke at lunch and that ten dollars can be used to provide a dying child with needed malaria medicine or provide a pregnant mother in the village with a birthing kit containing gloves, soap, a stelile razor blade and string to minimize the risk of infection and illness for her and her baby. Spread the word. Print a few of these forms and give them to someone who you think can sponsor a child. Pray. Hope. Believe that our world can be better. Together we can change the world and spread God's unending love to those in need.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Copy and paste what is below into a word document to print, or email me at [email protected] and i can send you a form (:

Amazima Ministries International Sponsorship

For just $300.00 per year, your sponsorship will provide a child with their yearly school fees, a school uniform, shoes, all school supplies, 2 hot meals a day, and any needed medical care. Your sponsorship also helps provide these children with tutors and spiritual leaders, to help the do their best, physically emotionally and spiritually.



City__________________________ State:___________ Zip:_______________

Telephone Number:________________________________________________

(ideally this will be used as a primary for of communication to cut overhead costs)

I would like to sponsor_____________ child(ren)

I would like to sponsor a:

_____ boy ______girl _______most need

_____ age 4-10 ________age 11-18 _______most need

You will be sent a picture of your child and a...

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