end the global AIDS pandemic

We envision a world in which AIDS is no longer a death sentence, in which economics and geography do not determine access to life-saving drugs, and where every woman, man, and child has the knowledge, means, and rights to protect her- or himself from infection. To achieve this world, we must remake our institutions to reflect a shared commitment to our common humanity. We must confront the underlying causes of the AIDS plague--poverty, inequalities of race, gender, and class, sexual stigmas, and a politics that allows us to deny our responsibilities to and for each other. Our global economy must be matched by a global conscience. We have the tools to fight AIDS: prevention, treatment, support for orphans and families. To succeed, we must summon the will to use these tools. We will not accept excuses for inaction; we will not accept false barriers that divide us; we will not accept the myth that any of us are powerless. We pledge ourselves to the struggle against AIDS--a struggle that becomes a fight against apathy, against indifference, against injustice.

1. The AIDS crisis is not over until it is over for everyone.

2. Access to AIDS medicines is a human right.

3. AIDS is the crisis of our generation and we will be defined by our response to it.