Save whales

This cause created by Skye Bortoli gather all the young people who wish to make a commitment in the protection of whales.

At just 15 Skye Bortoli is a passionate and highly awarded conservationist. Dedicated to the preservation of whales, Skye founded Teens Against Whaling when she was only 11 years old. In 2005 Skye attended the international whaling commission in Anchorage Alaska, where she presented over 40,000 signatures from all over the world to stop 'scientific research' in the southern ocean whale sanctuary.
Skye was 2006 Girlfriend of the Year, 2006 Port Stephens Young Citizen of the Year and 2006 IFAW Junior Campaigner of the Year. This is a scrapbook of Skye’s incredible and inspiring journey from ordinary teenager to international environmental campaigner. A journey which has only just begun!

You can visit the site of Skye Bortoli, the founder of Teens Against Whaling at http://www.teensagainstwhaling.com


Teens Against Whaling has launched a new campaign:
POSTCARDS 4 PRESERVATION, please check out www.teensagainstwhaling.com for more information or sign via Facebook : http://apps.facebook.com/petitions/view?pid=201345545

1. Educate the youth on the dangers facing the whales

2. Press the governments

3. Stop the hunting