X-Change With US!

All, With only 21 days left until the new year, We have a lot of ground to cover! Last week we introduced our Holiday Campaign and many of you responded. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for NK kids living in China. As of today, we have received $2,185! Help us…Read More

LA Bound

Friends, It has been a while since we have last updated all of you concerning our work for North Korea. However, we have been working around the clock for our North Korean friends! We wanted to provide a very brief update along with an opportunity for you to…Read More

X-Change your wants for THEIR needs

X-Change your wants for THEIR needs We've all heard the idea that children are the future. We at LiNK truly believe that this idea can become a reality for motherless or orphaned North Korean children living in China. The unfortunate reality is that these…Read More


Friends, The official countdown has begun. In less than six days, we will be rolling into a city possibly near you. We aren’t holding anything back-We’re bringing indie rock band “miss vintage” along with LA songwriter Andy Grammer. We have also produced a…Read More

3 days-6 hours-49 minutes and counting

Friends, School has started for some and big labor day plans for others-The weekend is here which means LiNK is almost out of time to potentially win $1.5...But, we have not given up. We need over 500 votes to secure our spot! If all of you vote, we will…Read More

Time is running out

Friends, We are so close! We are just a few rankings below 25th and have little time left! We need you to vote for us today! Once you have voted, ask 5 of your friends to do the same thing! Forward this on to EVERYONE you know so that we will have an…Read More

We are CLOSE!

TEAM! We want to thank those of you who have voted for us! We have gone from last place (out of 1100 projects) to 36th place in 2 days! However, with time running out we still need to jump up 11 places! We are 70 votes behind being qualified for the 1.5…Read More
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